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What kind of profits am I looking at?

The bitcoin industry has a high degree of variance, but we have found more often than not amongst traders who have followed our advice and stayed true to our program that they have returned around 25-50%. Many signaling websites will tell you that they promise you around eighty percent of returns or even higher, but more often than not, these figures turn out to be false.

What is signaling?

Bitcoin, the alternative currency that is well known to many, has theee main actions that you can commit to in order to preserve a position that you have. You can purchase, sell, or stop loss in order to commit to the positions you have, similar to a stock.

What trading platforms/exchange do support trade calls for?

Currently, at AltSignals we support trades made on Binance, BitMex and are more recently moving into high Leverage trading with markets such as BitSeven.

Leverage trading? Whats that!

Leverage trading (Sometimes referred to as Margin Trading) involves entering and essentially 'Borrowing' funds to increase potential returns when trading Assets. With Leverage trading, you have access to larger purchases than your actual balance. For example; if you place a trade for 10 BTC with a leverage of 10x, your position will open with the value of 100 BTC. If the market moves in your favour, you will have access to 10 times the profit! however, the losses are also magnified. Leverage trading is extremely risky and complicated, But here at AltSignals, we can make it a breeze.

What makes your service different from everyone else?

AltSignals seeks to be a very transparent service that relies on the work of its strategy and support teams to create a dynamic support system for our 70,000 users base to create a streamlined system. When a signal comes out, there are internal mechanisms which notify users of what kind of position is needed, when the window is, and what to do in terms of action.

I'm in "x" Timezone...Will I be able to trade with you guys?

Of course you will! We cover Signals over most of a 24 hour period, due to our team of Crypto traders / analysists. But don't worry, Missing the odd Signal will not put you majorly behind!

How much is worth investing?

Any amount is worth investing. We've seen people start with a BTC balance of $100 and build it upto $1,000 over a period of time. The biggest thing to remember is to NEVER invest your full balance into 1 asset, This is a game of patience and chasing a 'Get Rich Quick' scheme will always make you lose!

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We aim to provide our users with as much information as we can to ensure to maximise long-term profit, no matter if we are in a bullish or bearish market . We are a large scale cryptocurrency community providing you with access to some of the most exclusive, game changing cryptocurrency signals, newsletters, magazines, trading indicators, tools and more.
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