How to improve your Bitcoin Trading game

Bitcoin trading is a simple but difficult thing to do successfully. Over 90% of all traders lose money because of this. They don’t practice Proper Risk Management and can’t control their emotions. Instead, they practice FOMO Investing instead of Crypto Trading.

Getting Rekt Bitcoin Trading

Most traders come into trading with an investor’s mindset. They don’t realize that News Doesn’t Effect The Market much at all from a bitcoin trading perspective. Why, you may ask?

Anyone that has been here through any of the bull markets or bear markets will notice that no amount of negative news held bitcoin price down. No amount of positive news drove bitcoin price up either in a bear market. Market psychology from certain events are what determine that.

We want you to beat the market, meaning make money with our crypto calls while the market is bleeding or pumping. It shouldn’t matter the direction of the market if you are doing bitcoin trading. So, how can you really improve your crypto trading profits and stop getting rekt?

Don’t Use Your Emotions

Most traders lose money even in a bull market no matter if the bitcoin price goes from 10K to 20K in an hour because they trade with insecurity. They are FOMOing in and out of trades multiple times a day and don’t have a strategy. Before the day is over, they could be down 90% even when the bitcoin price has doubled.

Use Only 3% of Your Position

On any one trade in most of your trades. Imagine if you lose 20% of your position, well, you’d need to make 40% to make up that lose, but if it’s only on 3% of your entire position, then you are safely trading crypto because that loss can be more easily recovered.

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