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Is This The Slow Death of Bitmex: Bitmex Alternatives

Bitmex Alternatives and Crypto Trading

Today, Bitmex added three new countries to it’s block list, including the country it is Headquartered in, Seychelles. Oh uh…time to look for bitmex alternatives to continue derivative crypto trading. But first, what are the newest countries they’ve banned? According to their blog, it’s now Hong Kong, Burmuda, and Seychelles, blaming “increased involvement of regulators with all major players in the industry”.

Bitmex has faced a recent slew of regulatory hurdles after a recent debate which saw CEO Arthur Hayes go into hiding.

Should We Continue to trade on Bitmex?

The short answer is, yes, you can (sign-up here). We have a few bitmex alternatives for crypto trading bitcoin derivatives, but we still have our own telegram crypto signals for bitmex. They are dying a slow death, so we still have time to transition.

We suggest you use a VPN to protect your privacy no matter what, as well retaining your ability to trade.

Bitmex Alternatives: Bybit

Bybit Crypto Calls

Previously, we rated Bybit a 9 out of 10 for their excellent exchange. We use Bybit and may even have crypto calls directly related to their exchange as liquidity increases from the Bitmex flight to safety.

Bybit is quickly becoming the a great challenger to crypto derivatives market leader Bitmex. They combine both Binance’s ease of use and UI/UX design with Bitmex’s superior trading system, and a touch of their own.

Here is the full review of Bybit. Sign-up for Bybit here.

Bitmex Alternatives: BitSeven

Previously, we rated BitSeven a 9 out of 10 for their modernized style of an old design. We use BitSeven as our go-to exchange and are confident they will continue to deliver quality experiences.

BitSeven is significantly smaller than Bybit and Bitmex, but they make up for it with their 100X leverage across the board for all of their crypto assets.

Here is the full review of BitSeven. Sign-up for BitSeven here.