Can You Make Money Trading Bitcoin?

With Altsignals, yes you can. Most traders lose money trading, due to FOMOing in on the market. But, maybe the question, can you make money trading bitcoin is the wrong question. Maybe you really mean, “can you make a LIVING trading bitcoin”? If so, yes, but not immediately.

Altsignals isn’t a get rich question crypto calls service. We provide the best trading signals on telegram, but not for no reason. We boast about advertising instant 200% profits, but working smart to take many “small” wins of 20%, 30%, 60% profits at a time. You can build up like a snowball into an avalanche by practicing proper risk management for your bitcoin wallet.

Grow your Bitcoin Wallet

You can grow your bitcoin wallet by setting stop-losses. You set a stop-loss in order to prevent liquidation. A liqiudation is you losing 100% of your trading amount. If you take too large of a loss, then it becomes nearly impossible to recover within a reasonable time. So, we set stop-losses.

You can grow your crypto wallet with a single technique…take-profits. Most traders lose money for not setting a stop-loss, but primarily due to not setting a target to cash-out. They are concerned with a 100%, 200%, or 1000% profits in a single trade. Yes, there can be trades like that, but not all of the time, or most of the time. You can actually add up our crypto calls and see that you can make MORE money by making several 30% to 40% wins than a single 100% win.

Trading is about Time Management

You must manage your time in order to grow your bitcoin wallet properly. If you get stuck in a trade for two weeks because you entered a trade without a clear direction, or on FOMO, then you are losing too much money. You lose money when you can’t make money. You also gain money by NOT trading when you’re unsure of the direction. Entering into a trade too quickly or leaving too late is a surefire way to lose money. Derivative trading crypto is a dangerous job, and requires that you get in and out quickly.

Altsignals takes care of all of the heavy lifting for you. Join our bitmex, bitseven, and bybit crypto telegram signals group, here.

What is the best exchange to use?

Here is our full review of the best crypto platforms 2019: here.

But for a shorthand review, we REALLY love BitSeven (join here). BitSeven allows you to both short and long at the same time, which is not possible on ANY other exchange currently on the market. They also allow you to throttle your leverage so that you can save your accout from liquidation in the case you don’t use a stop-loss. Join here.

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