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BitSeven has reopened its doors!

BitSeven has been recognized for its famous 100-times maximum leverage system, promising you a 100% profit even if prices go up by only 1%, leading your users to obtain Bitcoin trading benefits, whether their value increases or decreases. After having suspended its services for a month, the platform is ready to resume operations.

On June 17, one of the most used leverage exchanges by professional traders announced through their Twitter account the suspension of their services for several regions, leaving only the option to close existing positions in the market, without any chance to start any kind of trade or complete the planned objectives in any operations.

This event generated discontent in the community of traders who used BitSeven services frequently and had deposited their capital on the platform. The “not so negative” aspect of its closure was that users were allowed to make an instant withdrawal of their funds to another wallet in order to protect the investments of each user.

What happened?

Since BitSeven referred to its users as a “temporary” closing, there was a lot of feedback in the exchange’s twitter account, in which many traders wanted to know if there were possibilities that the site would reopen its doors to offer its trading services again they had been using until the time of closing. BitSeven said that it was a momentary problem on the platform and that as soon as they finished working on solving the errors, they would start up the exchange to provide a better experience for the community, then followed by an apology.

A few days ago, BitSeven has reopened its operations to the American public and certain regions, allowing trades and new deposits to all the wallets within the platform. The functions have been tested and remain active and functional, which will allow the users of the exchange to continue enjoying the service without problems. Scalpers were very glad to see this.

The only complaints reported so far (after closing) have been related to customer service due to the late response of those in charge of this area on the platform, although the trading services are in optimal conditions, users of the exchange.

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