As the cryptocurrency market is moving forward and expanding in what it seems to be a new bull market, different trading pairs are gathering attention. One of the most interesting trading pairs to look at in the coming days is going to be the LTC/BTC market. This has provided very profitable results in the future and it could eventually do the same in the future. 

In this article, we will see which are some of the most interesting LTC/BTC trading pair opportunities to invest and how AltSignals will inform you about the best moments to enter and exit the market. 

LTC/BTC Trading Pair And Opportunities

Before starting this article about the LTC/BTC trading pair, it is worth mentioning that:

All the information provided by AltSignals and its writers shouldn’t be considered, by any means, investment advice. All the data shown in these articles is for educational purposes and should be taken as such. Always request professional advice before investing and never invest more than what you are able to lose. Remember that the cryptocurrency market is very volatile and that it could be very harmful to your financial life. 

The LTC/BTC trading pair is one of the oldest in the market. Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin (BTC) are closely linked virtual currencies for different reasons. As mentioned before, they are two of the oldest cryptos, they share the PoW consensus algorithm and have been used to perform transfers all over the world. 

Due to this reason and the fact that they were supported by a large number of companies, exchanges and investors, the LTC/BTC trading pair could bring new opportunities for traders. 

In the last years, it is possible to see that the LTC/BTC trading pair experienced some nice patterns that could be repeated in the future. In general, the price of LTC spiked and its value relative to Bitcoin surged in very short periods of time. You can see this pattern repeat itself in the last few years. 

Nonetheless, as the chart shows, the periods in which Litecoin spiked were short compared to the long bear markets that the virtual currency experienced when compared to Bitcoin. One of the most interesting things to see is that if LTC breaks above 0.007 BTC, it will be possible for it to move towards the 0.01 BTC, which is a very hard resistance level that has been tested many times in the past. 

You can see in the second chart how the LTC/BTC trading pair worked between the 0.008 BTC and the 0.01 BTC levels.


Although there is no confirmation LTC/BTC will behave in this way, we could suppose it will do so due to the many times this worked in the past. 

It will be very important for BTC and USD traders to keep an eye on how things move forward in the coming weeks. Litecoin could be moving higher than Bitcoin or vice versa, but altcoins seem to be very active these days. 

Get Better Trading Strategies With AltSignals

AltSignals, one of the most trustworthy and recognized trading signals providers in the market could help traders understand when to enter and exit this LTC/BTC trading pair. With the signals they provide through Telegram you will have the chance to be one of the first users with privileged information about which could be the best moments to invest in or close trades.

This crypto trading signals provider has been very profitable in the last years and it has been operating since the bull market of 2017. They are now offering crypto trading signals for Binance traders or FX users. In addition to it, more advanced traders and investors can simply follow the signals they provide for BitMex, one of the most popular exchanges to trade with leverage. 

Although AltSignals is not a replacement for trading analysis, it can certainly help you spot good moments to enter or leave some trades. The LTC/BTC trading pair is also analyzed by the team behind AltSignals for the Binance exchange, meaning you could eventually get some insight from this amazing team.


In this article, we aimed at sharing with you some key points about the LTC/BTC trading pair. The main goal was to provide you with information about what can happen with it and how it could be possible to leverage the different opportunities provided by the crypto market.

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