AltSignals was setup by a team of traders and entrepreneurs who wanted to bring transparency, trust and consistency to the crypto market.

AltSignals approach is to focus on traders by providing them educational content, the necessary technology and unique expertise to be able to be profitable in both forex and cryptocurrency markets.

Financial markets have traditionally been assumed as volatile with high stakes at risk. Additionally, with the inclusion of new technologies and the expansion of newer concepts like cryptocurrencies, several firms are now offering services to help traders to invest safely.

AltSignals is a financial services provider that is currently offering many different services such as cryptocurrency futures trading signals, forex trading alerts and market analysis for gold and indices, among other things.

For those who have no idea about how trading signals work, these are triggers to buy or sell assets based on a predetermined set of criteria. AltSignals offers trading signals for BitMex, Binance, Coinbase, ByBit, and other cryptocurrency exchanges. The signals focus on many different cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). Traders can easily copy these signals and manage the portfolio with ease.

When AltSignals entered the cryptocurrency and forex markets in 2018, the industry was full of scammers or people providing misleading information. Instead, AltSignals is backed by a team of trading experts that has more than ten years of relevant industry experience. Moreover, AltSignals is also the largest crypto trading community in the world. Thanks to it, AltSignals has helped numerous traders trade different assets and gain relevant experience trading virtual currencies.

The firm has recently come up with a unique software called AltAlgo. This solution is capable of working for any market and display buy and sell signals directly on Tradingview on users’ charts and timeframes. This eliminates the need for users to rely on platforms such as Telegram to receive buy and sell trading signals. The software is especially helpful for newcomers. They just have to copy the signals given by AltAlgo directly from TradingView.

AltSignals also focuses on providing educational content related to cryptocurrencies, forex, and how to improve trading strategies. The main reason behind this is to support users to receive the necessary information if they want to trade in these volatile and exciting markets. Although the industry is risky and there are always volatility risks, a well-informed trader with the support of an appropriate platform has better chances of being profitable.

AltSignals works with a subscription model and it has also adopted a holistic approach instead of a scattered one by providing education, technology, and expertise to newcomers as well as to expert traders. The company has moved in the right direction by making asset management easy to understand for everyone.

MrCode AKA Bartos is our head pine script developer being part of AltSignals since the spring of 2021. He manages all our code/scripts and keeps the indicators up to date with the latest market conditions and technologies. Besides that, he also focuses on marketing the AltAlgo towards new customers and supports them where needed.

– Bartos

JC is part of the AltSignals team since 2021, he is responsible for maintaining all Altalgo channels and providing technical AltAlgo support where needed. Apart from that he also manages side projects because at Altsignals we are constantly developing and improving our tools and indicators. JC also manages our (video) documentation to help new users find their way after subscribing to our services.

– Janick

Jordan is our head financial contact and administrator who has been with AltSignals since 2020. She will help you with anything related to joining our services. Apart from that she will answer all your questions about AltSignals and what we have to offer. We are known for our top notch support and Jordan is the reason why.

– Jordan

Rod the CEO of AltSignals has been leading operations since 2018, with a passion for continuously improving the trading services offered. Rod has spent majority of his time on product development at the company improving AltAlgo proprietary algorithm and managing staff.

– Rod