What is AltAlgo Indicator? 🤖


AltAlgo Indicator is our proprietary technical analysis tool which we use to generate AltSignals. Our Indicator Script runs on Tradingview.com

It employs the power of machines to scan the Cryptocurrency and Forex markets and alerts you when a price action is about to happen.

How Does AltAlgo Work? đź’°


AltSignals Indicator pulls multiple trading strategies and indicators together to provide you with the optimal buy and sell opportunities.

Over the years in this industry we have identified which indicators work time and time again. And now, we have pulled them all together into one simple product just for you.


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How AltAlgo will make life easier

Are you experiencing paralysis from analysis? Do indicators seem to contradict each other?

We know how uncertainties can hinder a trader’s decision-making abilities and profitability.

That’s why we are opening access to our proprietary technical analysis tool: AltSignals Indicator.

Designed and Used by our Traders to Produce Our Winning Signals
Combines 15 Indicators into 1 & Let the Robots WORK For You
Lifetime member chat group with 200+ users to help you
Enable Mobile Alerts so you Don't Have to Watch the Charts All Day

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