Frequently Asked Questions

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What returns would I be looking at?

With the correct risk management, mentality and strategy it is possible to have a sustainable income with trading. Trading is an emotionally draining process as your personal finance is at stake.

Approximately 95% of new retail traders will increase their stake amount after the losing trades to get back the loss. Eventually this would cause the deposit to be wiped, also known as a “Blown account” as the risk would be so high a single volatility spike would cause all funds to be taken by the exchange or broker.

In conclusion, Trading should be taken slowly, avoid risking more than you can afford to lose especially in the beginning years. Generally it takes a number of years to become emotionally disciplined enough to maintain correct risk management and avoid silly mistakes in trading.

What is Trade Calls/Signals?

Trade signals are nothing more than market predictions in form of numbers. A trade signal consists of the core and vital information you need to know where the market may be heading. Trading signals, more specifically cryptocurrency trading signals usually come in the form of either Leveraged and Non leveraged signals. Leveraged signals typically traded through Binance Futures are between 10-100x leverage, these are derivatives of the underlying asset, which mean you never own the token. Futures are traded over USDT too.

Non leveraged AKA Spot coins are when we are trading with no leverage, the token is bought outright with a stable currency typically like USDT or fiat. This means we hold the token for a raw upside gain before swapping back into the core currency we used to buy it with in the first place.

What trading platforms/exchanges are supported for trade calls?

AltSignals customers use Binance Spot and Futures however there are many exchanges out there which can be used. To mention a few,, and many others. Its important to check reviews of any exchange before depositing money into them as there are scam exchange websites out there which will take your money.

What is leverage trading?

Leverage trading also known as “Margin Trading” involves entering trades while ‘borrowing’ the exchanges/brokers funds to increase potential returns.

For example; you enter a trade with 10BTC as the value and use a leverage of 10x, the position will be open with a value of 100BTC. This means that should the market move go in your favour you would have 10x the returns, however, should the move happen against you your losses would be 10x the amount of your entry.

Leverage trading can be seen as a ‘double edged sword’ making it risky and complicated to use, but at Altsignals we can make it simple and easy to understand.

What makes your service stand out from everyone else?

Altsignals has been one of the longest-running and reputable trading channels in the industry. Operating for over two years we have developed a consistent, profitable and respected strategy by all of our members. It may seem that two years is not a long time, however, many Crypto and Forex channels start and close within the first year.

With support being available, the owner (@R_O_D) or our support (@AltSignalsSupport) can be contacted at any time of the day for any required support. What makes our support unique to all other channels is we that we treat all of our members equally and with respect. No matter if you are new to trading, have a straightforward question or want to discuss anything then our team is always here to have a friendly chat!
Please feel free to ask us anything!

What time zone do I need to be to follow trade signals?

Altsignals will share trade signals 24/7 as our traders are based in various time zones.

The majority of trade signals are sent between 09:00 GMT to 17:00 as this is when the markets are most active.

What is the optimal amount to invest?

It is always important to invest sensible amounts appropriate to your financial status. It is possible to start with as little as $100 and build this up to $1000 over a period of time. The only limitations may be the brokers/exchanges minimum deposit amounts that are not controlled by Altsignals.

At Altsignals we advise all our investors that investments in Cryptocurrencies and Forex can be a slow process that can be very rewarding long term if all variables mentioned on the “What returns would I be looking at?” section are met.

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