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Below you will find the common questions posed for bitcoin analysis as well as signaling in general. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask support for assistance.

  1. What is signaling?
    1. Bitcoin, the alternative currency that is well known to many, has theee main actions that you can commit to in order to preserve a position that you have. You can purchase, sell, or stop loss in order to commit to the positions you have, similar to a stock.
  2. What kind of profits am I looking at?
    1. The bitcoin industry has a high degree of variance, but we have found more often than not amongst traders who have followed our advice and stayed true to our program that they have returned around 25-50%. Many signaling websites will tell you that they promise you around eighty percent of returns or even higher, but more often than not, these figures turn out to be false.
  3. What do you mean false? What kind of hidden information is not being provided here?
    1. AltSignals seeks to be a very transparent service that relies on the work of its strategy and support teams to create a dynamic support system for our 70,000 users base to create a streamlined system. When a signal comes out, there are internal mechanisms which notify users of what kind of position is needed, when the window is, and what to do in terms of action.
  4. What makes your service different from everyone else?
    1. We pride ourselves on being transparent to the customer and having a diverse range of perspectives. In any investment endeavor, it is always useful to have a variety of perspectives on trading strategies so that you understand fully the strengths and weaknesses. Each trader has been with us for a long time, and we take pride in being able to say we helped many users turn into independent, successful and profitable traders. That is our mission and we hope you will join us.
  5. If I have problems with the site, who can I turn to?
    1. We have a 24/7 support staff that will help you with any technical issues you have. They constantly adapt and work on mechanisms within our service that allow you to constantly be alerted to changes within altcoin, bitmex and bitcoin markets. If you are on one side of the globe, the traders on the other side of the globe will help you be aware at all times what your positions are.

Which platforms should I use for your signals?

Binance and BitMex are the best and main ones we use

But what if I have never traded before?

No problem, We will personally help you to learn the platform, how to read the trade calls sent out and importantly how to place the trades on the chosen platform.

Where will I get the trade calls?

We provide the trade calls over Telegram Messenger, they will be posted to a private channel. Telegram Messenger is a huge fast, secure and reliable messaging platform.

What time are calls sent out?

We send calls out generally between 10am-10pm GMT, although it is not strictly limited to that time. If we see a solid signal we will post it!

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