If you are an experienced trader or just getting started, joining AltSignals will  give you an opportunity to make good profits but also perfect your trading skills.

Leaders in Crypto Signals

You may have read in the past about Bitcoin and Crypto signals but never understood on what any of this means? Signals can include various subjects with Bitcoin and Altcoins that range from services in analysis, Signals and portfolio management and analysis.

Many of the top websites and signal providers on the web and Telegram will offer you services but give you a cost per service. At AltSignals not only do we offer single packages that will be cost effective but include all if not more what others may provide. Our aim is for you to succeed and be in a business of profit and not a wallet draining.

Our Analysis into your Profits

The crypto market operates similarly to a stock and forex market. The more invested the greater the rewards. Many Cryptocurrency signal providers will advertise on how you will increase your profits by 100% in a month but these are not accurate figures as the market creates different opportunities on the monthly basis.

A lot of the time Cryptocurrency signal providers will provide a signal only after they have entered their own position to benefit from the market move of the signal for their sake. At AltSignals we have a bot on telegram that allows you to enter the position at the same time as us to ensure you profit with us!

Quality over Quantity

At AltSignals we guarantee quality of the trades that we provide. No matter if it’s Cryptocurrency or Forex we make in-depth analysis for every trade. This means that we will only provide the highest quality trades and analysis possible to our abilities.

Unlike other signal providers we rather not provide a signal than just provide it to keep our members entertained if the quality of the trade does not meet our standards. Our traders are strategic specialists, they offer deeper, more personal help to those seeking management tactics within the portfolio sphere.

Risk management features

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Works on all markets and all timeframes

Robust trading indicator soon availiable to market

Our signals support most trading pairs

We only send out quality over quantity

Our monthly fee is transparent and fair

Perfect for beginners and people with day-jobs