The popular video platform YouTube seems to have been blocking and deleting crypto-related content. According to some YouTubers, some crypto videos have been deleted without previously informing about it. Chris Dunn, Venture Partner at NextGen said that YouTube removed most of his crypto videos citing “harmful or dangerous content.” Other YouTubers have also been affected. 

Is YouTube Deleting Crypto Videos?

As reported by Chris Dunn, YouTube removed several of his crypto videos such as ‘How I’m Investing Right Now,’ ‘Is Bitcoin Really Money?’ or ‘17 Lessons for Traders & Investors.’ The YouTuber explains that his content has been flagged as ‘harmful or dangerous content.’ Moreover, YouTube has also considered he is selling regulated goods.  

Mr. Dunn had over 200,000 subscribers, more than 7 million views and 10 years offering educational videos to the cryptocurrency and financial communities. 

Meanwhile, the YouTuber BTC Sessions has also flagged one of his educational videos from three years ago as ‘harmful and dangerous.’ He claims that the video was literally a video about wallets, onboarding and places where to use Bitcoin

On Twitter, he has also talked to Chris Dunn asking what to do. Mr. Dunn answered that he has already appealed dozens of videos. 

It seems YouTube is taking a more aggressive strategy to control the videos that are being published on its platform. Although users consider that this could be related to a new algorithm implemented by YouTube, many are worried about the effects this could have on the market. 

In the past, Google and Facebook banned crypto-related ads from companies and other projects in the cryptocurrency space due to the fact there were several scams in the space. Back in 2017 and 2018, several Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) were released to the market but many of them were simply scams to steal users’ funds. 

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