November 2, 2020

What are Trading Signals and How do They Work?

As cryptocurrencies, stocks and forex markets are experiencing higher volatility, we have received many questions related to what are trading signals and how do they work.

As cryptocurrencies, stocks and forex markets are experiencing higher volatility, we have received many questions related to what are trading signals and how do they work. This is why we have decided to answer the questions you made in a simple and easy to follow guide. 

If you want to know what are trading signals, you will have all the necessary information you need. You will also learn how to use them, where to get them and why they are so important to improve your trading skills. 

Let’s go to the answers!

What are Trading Signals?

Trading signals are information provided by expert trading teams that allow you to open and close positions in different markets. Trading signals generally include information about the entry price, stop-loss levels and take profit targets. 

These trading signals are going to be very useful for users and individuals that want to trade in the market and do not know how to do it. Furthermore, expert traders can also follow trading signals if they want to improve their strategies and have a better experience while trading. 

You can start following trading signals through different groups on Telegram and other social media networks. Once you do so, you will start receiving content from these groups and analysts. Although these signals are not 100% accurate and by any means they guarantee profits, they can be helpful to better trade in a wide range of markets. 

How do Trading Signals Work?

Let’s go to a clear example of how trading signals work. Now that you know what are trading signals you want to start trading with them. You have searched for different trading signals groups and you have decided to pay for the VIP subscription to one of them. What can you expect to receive?

You will definitely be receiving regular (daily in many cases) messages with valuable information about the market. These signals will be telling you to buy / sell an asset at a specific price and to set up take profit levels (sell limit orders). 

For example, these signals can tell you to buy BTC for $10,000, and place two sell limit orders at $10,500 (40%) and $10,900 (60%) where you will be selling 40% of your BTC in the first target and 60% of the BTC purchased in the second target. 

Finally, if you are trading with leverage, the signals provider will be sharing with you a stop-loss level to avoid being liquidated and losing your funds. That means that they will add in this signal a stop-loss at $9,800, which is 2% of the order you trade you just opened. If Bitcoin falls to $9,800 then you lose 2% of the funds you invested. 

What Are Trading Signals Providers?

Trading signals providers are the groups that are sharing with you information about entry and exit points for your trades in the market. These groups are usually created by teams of analysts and technical analysts that share their views on the market and send signals to VIP subscribers that want to better trade digital currencies, forex or other stocks. 

Nonetheless, there are some scams out there that claim to be trading signals providers but do not have the necessary knowledge to provide these signals. This is why it is very important for you to be able to do your own research and understand which are the best trading signals providers in the market. 

Some trading signals providers will also be sharing other services with users. For example, you could use trading bots to automate your trading rather than do all the set up manually. You can also follow crypto trading signals to receive daily, weekly or monthly reports about the markets and the financial industry. Some crypto trading signals groups will also be allowing users to use a trading signal indicator that can be embedded into TradingView, among other things. 

There are some websites that are currently providing valuable information about that, including SafeTrading or SignalReviews. Both of them are considered to be neutral and provide valuable information about the signals providers in the cryptocurrency and forex markets. 

Conclusion – What are Trading Signals?

In this guide, we have shared with you what are trading signals, how they work and who is providing trading signals to users. You will also find information about some of the best websites sharing data about crypto trading signals providers, something that will help you decide which are the best groups sharing trading signals to users. 

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