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Proper Risk Management: The Ultimate Crypto Trading Signals Guide

Crypto Trading Risk Management

Bitcoin trading requires proper asset allocation and proper risk management so as to minimize your losses and maximize your gains. That is why we strive to provide proper stop-losses, and an easy to follow asset allocation. The great majority of trades done here at Altsignals call for no more than 3% of your account/portfolio.

Why You WILL Get Rekt When You Don’t Prepare

Proper Crypto Trading Signals

You’ll never have to worry about getting rekt with our Crypto trading signals telegram group

Don’t be this kid. Our crypto trading signals telegram group does have losses from time to time, but not liquidations, and we primarily recommend a 3% allocation to any one trade. This is not a get rich quick war. It’s a consistent and quality form of income.

How do you prepare for trading safely with crypto?

1) Never invest or trade anything more than you can afford to lose

2) We suggest you use no more than 3% of your total assets to any one bitcoin trading call

3) When you make a profit, take that off of the exchange, immediately!

4) Avoid using Bitmex if you’re a new trader, but instead follow this link to join the SUPER SIMPLE BitSeven, or join Bybit!

5) Join our “Bitmex Signals” telegram group, which really is good for Bybit and even better for BitSeven! Join here