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Proprietary trading firms are a type of broker that operates on the risky side of finance. This article provides an informative and factual introduction to what these firms are, as well as their characteristics and features. 

Proprietary trading firms are a type of broker that operates on the risky side of finance. This article provides an informative and factual introduction to what these firms are, as well as their characteristics and features. 

Proprietary trading firms also known as proprietary brokers, or simply traders. They trade in stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities and other securities for the purpose of generating profits for themselves. The unique feature about them is that they have ownership over the positions they take in financial markets.

The article explains what Proprietary Trading Firms are and how they work with a focus on their characteristics and features.

What Are Proprietary Trading Firms? 

A proprietary trading firm is a broker, who specializes in investment banking. A proprietary broker involves itself in trading using its own capital, alongside other brokers and investors. This gives the broker an edge over other traders in the markets because they may be aware of various advantages that financial markets provide over others.

The broker will use different strategies to make profits through the use of different instruments and products pertaining to such instruments.

The brokers have business relations with investors, traders and institutions. They trade with the aim of making profits for themselves and their investors. The nature of the business is that for every trade executed, a commission is paid to the firm as well as an amount is returned to the investor. A proprietary broker does not share its trading data and thus, no information can be obtained on their trading performance.

Characteristics and Features of Proprietary Trading Firms 

There are certain characteristics and features that are unique to a proprietary trading firm. Proprietary firms are best known for their unique trading styles, which ensure that they make the most profits out of different instruments in the markets. The following are some characteristics that make a proprietary trading firm distinctive:

Proprietary trading firms are unique in the sense that they have their own capital to support their operations. They do not trade with other people’s capital, rather they make money by taking advantage of financial markets and methods. These firms are known to employ a number of traders who are experts in the field and thus, they can achieve considerable success in trading. Proprietary firms invest their funds into various instruments of different types on both long as well as short positions. Their mandate is to make a profit out of their investment.

The traders in the firm have considerable freedom and independence since they are not only answerable to any particular person but also have no restrictions in taking decisions. This allows them to take advantage of trading methods as they see fit. However, they must be careful so as not to affect their firm negatively at the end of the day.

The mandate of the firm is to generate profits for its clientele. The firm is not only required to meet the investment objectives of its clientele, but rather it must exceed these requirements. It has the right to trade in any instruments of its choice without being limited by any governmental regulations or restrictions. The firm can also choose whether or not to accept specific customers depending on their risk appetite and investment objectives.

Being a proprietary trading firm, the firm can determine their own business hours and frequencies of trading operations.

Best Proprietary Trading Firms 

It is not an easy task to choose a Proprietary Trading Firm. No matter if you are a new trader or an expert and professional investor. You need to make sure that you find proprietary trading firms that will better suit your needs. 

One of the best things that you can do is using this guide in order to compare the best proprietary trading firms in the market. This would help you make a decision on which platforms to use and how to better have access to them. 

Let’s get into the best proprietary trading firms available in the market.

  1. myForexFunds

This could be one of the best options if you want to start growing your portfolio. They are currently offering many solutions including leverage, profit split and unlimited free ratakes. 

  • Balances up to 300k
  • Starting from 10k balance for $84 up to 200k balance for $979
  • Phase 1 profit target 8% and Phase 2 profit target 5%
  • 5% of max. Daily DD (with an overall max of 12%)
  • 1:100 leverage for investors
  • Unlimited retakes
  • Users can also trade the news

Click here to know more about myForexFunds.

  1. Fidelcrest

If you want to use one of the most recommended platforms, then Fidelcrest could be one of the best options. 

  • Balances starting from 25k for €199 to 500k for €1.449
  • Leverage 1:100 for experienced traders
  • Opportunities to scale up to $1m capital in 12 months
  • News trading allowed
  • 40% profit share after verification phase

Click here to know more about Fidelcrest.

  1. FTMO

Traders can use FTMO if they want to make sure they are using one of the most recognized proprietary trading firms in the market.

  • Users can start with 25k balances for €250 and reach a 200k balance for €1,080
  • 1:100 leverage
  • Investors can also trade news
  • Holding positions overnight and weekends possible
  • 90% profit for some accounts
  • Can use different trading strategies

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  1. SurgeTrader

This is one of the most popular proprietary trading firms based in the United States with some of the most competitive features in the market.

  • Starting with 25k balance for €250 and reaching 1m balance for $6.5k
  • 1:10 leverage for forex traders (1:5 for stocks and 1:2 for cryptocurrencies)
  • Users can trade news and hold overnight positions
  • Profit split 75%
  • 4% daily loss limit
  • No minimum trading days or assessment period
  • Free trading style for investors

Click here to know more about SurgeTrader. 

  1. TopStepFX

TopStepFX is one of the best proprietary trading firms located in Chicago. This could be one of the best options if you are searching for an affordable proprietary trading firm. 

  • Starting from 200k for $125 and reach 500k for $275
  • There’s a n evaluation period with no minimum trading days
  • You can also keep your first $10k in profits
  • 80% profit split
  • MT4 supported
  • Leverage of up to 1:100 

Click here to know more about TopStepFX.


There are different prop trading broker companies that we could choose from. The goal is to find the one that would let us manage a large capital and that will give us flexibility to handle funds. Remember: the goal is to make profits trading in different financial markets. We should also pay close attention to the profit split and whether we could use leverage and/or other types of platforms to trade with our strategies.

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