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A complete overview of the best crypto signals telegram channels.

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What is Telegram?

Telegram is an instant messaging mobile application with an emphasis on privacy, security and speed. It has over 200 million active users worldwide and is available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Windows 10.

Telegram is a mobile messaging app with a focus on speed and security. It allows the user to exchange text, images, videos and audio messages for free. Like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, Telegram is free to download but the user can pay to have extra features including end-to-end encryption.

You can download Telegram from the App Store or Google Play.

What Are Cryptocurrency Signals?

There are many different kinds of crypto signals, ranging from various text and audio presentations. The primary function of any signal group is to alert the community that a specific coin will move upwards or downwards in the near future.

The secondary purpose of joining a signal group is to get advice on how to trade, analyze charts with other groups members and discuss timing for future trades for yourself or others.

Signal groups are also an excellent resource to find out about ICO’s before they hit exchanges through their advanced interviews with developers and team leads.

Anyone can create a signal group and charge for the information. This is completely normal, and there are many good groups out there with honest intentions. The intention of this article is to focus on the quality of signal sources, which is mostly subjective and depends heavily on personal preference.

There is no legal requirement for a signal provider to be registered with any regulatory body. It’s possible to remain completely anonymous so it’s important to do your own due diligence before choosing a signal provider that suits your needs.

Generally speaking, signal groups will typically focus on a specific trading bot or group of bots. If a provider is not running their own bot(s) they will be offering insights into someone else’s. 

There are a few different types of signal providers you will encounter. Some are more advanced and have several bots or crypto trading advisors running, that they tune and manage themselves.

Since the competition is fierce, you will not just get some raw signals sent to your telegram channel. A good provider is going to offer their own analysis, as well as advice on when to buy or sell based on price action.

How do Cryptocurrency Signals Work?

Crypto signals are typically provided through custom made Telegram channels. The contents of the channel will be updated every so often and there will usually be a link to a website which holds further information about the specific coin or upcoming event. This would depend on the Telegram group that you have selected to trade with. 

You should always do your own research before taking advice from any signal group, even if it is provided by someone who has been doing this for years and has an impeccable track record.

The information gives you an idea of how a coin is trending and what direction it’s likely to trend towards in the short term. It can also provide useful information regarding the reliability of a particular signal provider. There are no guarantees about the price action, as it all depends on your personal trading style and experience.

How to Join a Crypto Telegram Group?

Signing up for any signal group requires a good bandwidth connection and a decent amount of free space on your phone. It’s very common for new members to have trouble downloading the application or joining the group. Some providers have members in all time zones, so it’s important you are on at the same time.

Crypto trading signals groups will usually be against a limit of around 100 members. This is a good thing because it allows enough room for everyone to post interesting charts, content and discussion without clogging up your hard drive or device with junk data.

Some providers will require you to set up a second device, with Telegram installed and online, in order to receive their alerts. This is done by setting up two devices or accounts on Telegram. You can then choose which of the two channels you want to receive alerts from.

It’s important that you do not miss out on any trade opportunities so it’s much better to join a group of 30-50 members, where you can easily find all the latest information.

Best Crypto Signals Telegram

These are some of the best Crypto Signals Groups on Telegram

1. AltSignals

AltSignals is a popular trading signals group with around 50k members. The group is active almost 24 hours a day. The group operators appear to be very active and provide a lot of information based on the current price action, charts and analysis. They also have several bots running which provide valuable insight and advice regarding the status of a particular crypto coin or token.

The price of joining the group is very reasonable and members can receive signals, analysis and advice on Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin and others along with ICO’s.

The group also provides news feeds with relevant information from the cryptocurrency world.AltSignals is a great channel to join if you’re looking for quality crypto trading signals from a well respected provider that has been active in the space since 2017.

AltSignals has been trusted and reviewed by many media outlets. They seem to have a high reputation on Telegram as well, and are commonly recommended to new Crypto traders. If you want to learn more about AltSignals you can visit their website or join their group on Telegram.

AltSignals is also sharing regular reports with the community, making it more secure than any other trading signals group in the market. Releasing monthly reports would let you analyse whether there are things to change or things that have not worked in the past. These reports will be sharing information about the most profitable trading pairs and which trades you should be looking for. 

2. CryptoTradingSignals

This is another popular Telegram Crypto Signals group that focuses on the Ripple space. It has thousands of members, although at time of writing it appears to be experiencing high levels of traffic.

CryptoTradingSignals allows you to view a variety of different signals such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP, along with a handful of ICO’s but not too many as they are focusing on overall value rather than individual tokens.

They provide a lot of analysis and charts, as well as a news section.

CryptoTradingSignals provides some valuable content although it’s not quite on the same level as AltSignals. If you’re looking for a Crypto signals group to follow, then this is a great place to start.

If you want to learn more about CryptoTradingSignals you can visit their website or join their Telegram.

3. CoinSignals

CoinSignals is a popular signal group which provides most of the main trading pairs. They have a high number of Crypto investors and traders looking for information on the latest price action, charts and analysis. This can be critical in determining whether their signals will be profitable or not.

The group is very active and provides a wide range of information including news, analysis, and charts. They also do short videos every few days which are very useful and informative.

CoinSignals has a long list of Crypto signals that have been trusted by many traders. They have a very high success rate of being profitable for the traders that use their signals. It’s also worth mentioning that they are associated with Cryptosignalgroup Inc., a company offering Crypto related services and products.

They provide a wide variety of analysis, charts and tools which can be used to analyse the market and make trades based on their signals.

If you want to learn more about CoinSignals you can visit their website or join their Telegram.

CoinSignals is one of the best Crypto Signals group on Telegram and has been rated as highly as AltSignals. However, AltSignals remains one of the best in the market. It’s also one of the most trusted and recommended trading signals groups out there.

4. Altcoin Signals

Altcoin Signals is an active Crypto signals group with a high number of members; over 3000 at the time of writing. The group operators appear to be active and provide a lot of information on Twitter.

Altcoin Signals focuses on Bitcoin but also provides a few other signals such as Ethereum and Ripple. Altcoin Signals provides a lot of content including news and analysis. The information available gives you an insight into what they might be looking at when making their trading decisions.

The price of joining Altcoin Signals is reasonably priced and you can receive Crypto signals and analysis on almost every coin in the market. However, the group seems to be focused on those listed above.

If you want to learn more about Altcoin Signals you can visit their website or join their Telegram.

5. Tradesignals

Tradesignals is a Crypto signals group that has over 15,000 members. It’s important to note that the Tradesignals website claims to offer trading signals for more than 100 different cryptocurrencies.

Tradesignals seems to have a very high number of those using them who are getting results from the Crypto signals and analysis provided by the group. They also provide a news feed, a charting system and more. The site claims that the content on their site is continually updated with new information.

Tradesignals provides Crypto signals for almost all of the main coins in the market along with some specific Cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin and Litecoin.

6. CryptoSignals

CryptoSignals is another Crypto signals group which focuses on Bitcoin and Ethereum. They claim to provide traders with the best signals and information on their website, along with a wide range of tools that can be useful when trading. They also provide a news feed, analysis and charts.

The Crypto signals are excellent but if you use them you must understand that if your buy or sell is against what the Crypto signals are telling you, it is likely to be a very unsuccessful trade.

CryptoSignals is one of the best Crypto signals groups in the market, but if you use their signals, you must be prepared to trust in them and not stop your trading if something is wrong with their analysis.

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