Best Cryptocurrency Futures Contracts Platform

Cryptocurrency futures are one of the different ways of getting exposure to digital assets. Users can purchase cryptocurrency futures contracts in a wide range of platforms that are now available in the market. 

Cryptocurrency futures are one of the different ways of getting exposure to digital assets. Users can purchase cryptocurrency futures contracts in a wide range of platforms that are now available in the market. 

Rather than trading on the spot market, several traders prefer to use futures to get access to virtual currencies. In the cryptocurrency market, traders handle perpetual contracts but there are also some platforms offering quarterly futures. 

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What is Futures Trading Cryptocurrency?

One of the questions traders ask is “What are futures in cryptocurrency?” The futures market offers investors the possibility to purchase financial derivatives that obligate the traders to purchase an asset at a predetermined price and at a predefined date in the future. 

In general, in traditional financial markets, quarterly futures have a lot of influence. However, Cryptocurrency futures are based on perpetual contracts. These are different types of futures because they do not expire or have a specific settlement price. 

Perpetual contracts can be traded at any time and they do not have a settlement date. They are indeed similar to the spot market. Indeed, the price of perpetual contracts follows very closely the price of the underlying asset in the spot market. 

Additionally, users can trade these contracts with leverage. The cryptocurrency futures market has expanded in the last 10 years and the options are certainly diverse. Most of the trading platforms currently available allow users to trade cryptocurrency futures (perpetual contracts) with leverage of up to 125x. 

Some other platforms have even higher leverage levels. Although leverage can be a great way to increase our exposure to the market, it also has several risks that we must certainly avoid. 

When traders handle futures contracts, the goal is to hedge against future price fluctuations or to speculate. Cryptocurrency futures are not used to hedge against possible price movements but rather to speculate with the price of the underlying asset. 

Best Cryptocurrency Futures Contracts Platform

Cryptocurrency futures are now available on different trading platforms. The platform you use would depend on the services you are looking for. Additionally, you should always know that some of the platforms are not available in all countries around the world. Thus, you might first want to check whether the cryptocurrency futures exchange you want to use is offering services in your location. 

Some of the best platforms in the cryptocurrency futures market include BitMEX, Binance Futures and ByBit. Of course, there are other platforms out there but these are the most popular right now. 

Each of them offers different solutions and services to traders. Everything would depend on the features that traders are looking for. For example, BitMEX focuses only on futures trading for cryptocurrencies. ByBit is very similar to BitMEX but with more advanced trading engines. 

Instead, Binance offers not only cryptocurrency futures trading but also other solutions. In this way, users can get access to some of the latest trends in the cryptocurrency space. 

Bitcoin Futures CME Group

It is worth mentioning that institutional traders have also access to Futures and Options on futures offered by the CME Group. Investors can hedge Bitcoin exposure through the solutions offered by the CME. 

Some of the benefits of this platform include the following:

  • Easily trade on different market views
  • Efficient price discovery and transparent futures markets
  • Savings in potential margin offsets
  • Select different cryptocurrency futures and options
  • It is regulated

Most of the other platforms we mentioned before are usually used by retail traders that search for larger exposure to digital assets. However, the Bitcoin futures offered by the CME Group focus on larger investors that want to get exposure to digital assets in different ways rather than on the spot market. 

One of the advantages of using crypto futures is the fact that traders are buying contracts and not the underlying asset. Custody is a topic that has always been discussed for Bitcoin considering that hackers could get access to the hot wallets of the platform that keeps custody of the funds. 

Moreover, some investors do not know how or do not want to secure their assets. It certainly requires time and knowledge from the investors that want to get access to BTC or other digital currencies.

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