Coinrule Trading Bot Review

Coinrule is among the most recognized trading bots for digital currency traders.

Coinrule is among the most recognized trading bots for digital currency traders. It is considered to be an automated trading platform that lets users improve their trading strategies and achieve better results through automated trading rules. 

Coinrule lets users choose among some of the most profitable rules or simply build their own. Thus, it gives flexibility and is also a great platform to start trading virtual currencies. One of the positive things about Coinrule is the fact that it can be used by both new traders and experienced crypto investors. 

In the next sections, we share with you all the details about Coinrule and how you could start using this trading bot in seconds. 

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Coinrule Trading Bot Review

Coinrule is a trading bot that is currently offering solutions to users trading on a wide range of exchanges such as Bitfinex, Binance, Bitstamp, Coinbase Pro, HitBTC or Poloniex, among others. Thus, it can be used by investors around the world, no matter the platform they use. 

Moreover, it is possible for individuals to start using this trading bot without having to pay a subscription as there is a starter pack for free. This starter option includes 2 live rules, 2 demo rules, 7 template strategies and 1 connected exchange. Compared to other trading bots in the market, this free option seems to be very competitive. 

As reported by Coinrule, this beginner-friendly platform is safe to use as they do not ask for private keys or withdrawal right to the user. In addition to it, the company is currently regulated in the United Kingdom, thus, users should feel they are using a secure platform. 

However, you should always take into consideration that you might be targeted and attacked by other sources, thus, you should always follow the standard security rules when handling digital currencies. 

Account Options on Coinrule

You can have different Coinrule accounts depending on your needs. For example, you could start with the free option or select the Hobbyist account for $29.99 per month. This option includes  7 Live Rules, 7 Demo Rules, 30 Template Strategies, 2 Connected Exchanges, Free Access to the Trader Community and Advanced Indicators. 

Other trading options include a $59.99/mo offer and a $249.99/mo option. These are usually the selected accounts for pro traders that require all the solutions offered by Coinrule to the community. 

Founding Team

Coinrule was founded back in 2018 by Gabriele Musella, Oleg Gilberstein and Zdenek Höfler. They were able to get their platform regulated in the UK and they are now offering one of the most user-friendly trading bots in the market. 

How to Use Coinrule?

In order to start using Coinrule, you should create an account. You can use your Google or Facebook accounts to sign up, making the whole process even faster and easier. If you have already registered, you will have to connect with an exchange, this would let you start trading as soon as you execute a bot. 

Finally, you should create your own rule or select from the many rules currently available in the market. Basically, you will have to share information about the digital currency you want to purchase or sell and create the rule. It follows a very simple logic depending on the type of trade you want to execute. 

Coinrule Functionalities

Coinrule does not require you to download an application to start using their services. Everything will be performed through their website that has been created in order for both newcomers and expert traders to understand it and use it without problems. 

Moreover, it offers a wide range of tools for you to automate your trades through API connections with exchanges. Depending on the strategy you follow, you will be able to generate profits. When using the platform, you will see that you can select a wide range of trading strategies that will suit the needs of any type of trader. 

Moreover, the interface is very clear and it would not be necessary for users to learn how to manage the platform. The whole platform is very intuitive and it would let investors get access to professional and automated trading in seconds. 

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