Kraken Cryptocurrency Exchange ReviewWhat is the Kraken Crypto Exchange?

The cryptocurrency market is an excellent option for those who wish to multiply their capital, as long as they have the knowledge and objectivity required to carry out successful trades. During the last decade, various exchange companies have emerged for these digital assets, each different from the other but with the same purpose and the Kraken Crypto Exchange is a great exponent within this market.

What is the Kraken Crypto Exchange?

Founded in 2011, Kraken is a crypto exchange based in San Francisco, California. The company offers real-time cryptocurrency trading and investment services within this market and is considered by many financial sector experts as one of the best pages to buy and sell crypto. It is recognized for its variety of pairs, low commissions, speed of execution and ease of depositing and withdrawing money.

Kraken was born to provide people with a safe and effective alternative to invest in cryptocurrencies and capitalize on the importance of Bitcoin in today’s financial world. That is why since its inception the company has taken decisive steps to ensure its growth in the market and offer an accessible and quality service to users around the world that guarantees an independent and personalized investment according to the needs of each one.

How does Kraken work?

The Kraken Crypto Exchange is extremely easy to use. To buy cryptocurrencies, we only have to go to their website, where we will register and open an account to be able to operate.

If we want to enjoy these advantages as soon as possible, we will have to include some funds within our account and also, we must pass the verification process of the same.

After having registered our data and confirmed our email, the system allows us to work with the cryptocurrencies that we want. The Kraken service allows you to save digital assets in your wallet and take advantage of price variations for your benefit, providing the user with the best options for crypto trading.

Therefore, the key to Kraken’s operation lies in the registration of users, in the orders that we issue to carry out our operations and in the funds that we include within our verified account.

Does Kraken offer free cryptocurrency trading?

The Kraken crypto service offers multiple options for cryptocurrency trading totally free, since the commissions are only limited to 0.16% and the sellers 0.26% in each successful operation and you do not have to pay a fixed fee to use the functions. Users will be able to safely operate with their available funds in the account and will not receive additional charges for storing their capital in the Kraken Wallet.

The commission percentages are relatively low, especially if we compare them with other platforms that exchange that we can find in the market.

We must bear in mind that if we are traders who work with a large volume of trading, then we will not have to expose ourselves to any commission since for these cases, the operations will be completely free.

Is Kraken a safe crypto exchange?

Kraken offers quite good security measures regarding the storage of cryptocurrencies. We must remember that security is an aspect that must be taken care of a lot when we work with platforms of this type.

On many exchange platforms, funds are usually stored within the same system, so we will be exposed to greater risks, since, in many cases, these types of systems can be hacked.

However, this is not the case for Kraken, since the storage system is outside the network (known as cold storage), which means that the user wallets are not found in the online network, which protects our capital of various susceptibilities.

Kraken only leaves 1% of all funds stored within the system in the cloud, among other things, to provide greater liquidity to users. If platform hacking problems or any other catastrophe arises, 99% of the funds would be totally safe.

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