Signals Blue Crypto Review

We know that the cryptocurrency market is an exciting place to trade and make profits by speculating on the price of each digital currency.

We know that the cryptocurrency market is an exciting place to trade and make profits by speculating on the price of each digital currency. However, we also know that it is very difficult to be able to handle each of the trading pairs that we are interested in. This is why we will share with you all the information you need about Signals Blue Crypto review. 

Signals Blue Crypto is one of the most recognized trading signals in the market. They are sharing trading signals for users to get access to accurate trading signals. In the next sections, you will receive all the information you should have about this crypto trading signals group.

Signals Blue Crypto Review

These are some of the key things you should know about Signals Blue. We will focus on their services, accuracy and trading signals offered to users. 

What Is Signals Blue Crypto?

Signals Blue is one of the major providers of trading signals in the cryptocurrency market. They are able to do so thanks to a vast experience in the crypto and financial markets for several years. Rather than you having to search for your own trades, crypto signals blue will be sharing with you all the information you should have about crypto trades. 

Signal Blue crypto gives more than just signals. They give users access to information that lets users change their definition of the crypto signals service. The team behind Signals Blue has full experience in different trading areas and have been working with other professional traders for several years now. 

Thanks to this knowledge gained over the last years, it is possible for Signals Blue to understand which is the best moment to enter the market. Then, they share this information with traders from all over the world. 

In order for Signals Blue to work, they rely on the most popular solution for sharing them. They use Telegram as the most efficient messaging platform in the market. Moreover, for advanced users that require more features, they will receive the information using API (webhook or JSON). 

Additional features include the Cornix Automated bot that automates trades with the information shared by Signals Blue. Thanks to this automation, traders are able to automate their trades and connect the signals to different exchanges, including KuCoin, Huobi or Binance, among others. 

This is how a trading signal looks like. You will get all the information about the virtual currency that you can trade and the entry zone. This will help you to open the trade and create the limit sell orders with the information that they share in the Telegram message. 

You can also get additional information about the stop loss in order to avoid losses if the market moves in the wrong direction. This is why it is very important to make sure that you follow the right signals and that the whole process gets automated. 


You should take into consideration that crypto signals blue are not for free. That means that you will have to pay a monthly subscription to get access to the signals that they will be sharing on a regular basis. 

The Blue Premium – 1 services offers access to signals and support for one month. However, you will not get access to additional services such as Cornix trading bot or API signals. In order to get access to them, you need to update your plan. This plan costs £229.99.

The Blue Premium – 6 service costs £449.99 and it offers access to signals and support for six months. With this trading bot, you will not be able to integrate Cornix or API signals. You will have to purchase them for £49.99 each for the whole period of this plan. 

Meanwhile, the Blue Premium Infinite service gives you access to signals and support for a lifetime. But again, you will have to pay additional funds to get Cornix and API integrations. This plan costs £899.99. 

We see that the prices of this group are very high compared to other competitors such as AltSignals, which are offering better services (more accurate signals and integration with Cornix) for a lower price. 

Pros and Cons of Signals Blue


  • They are one of the most recognized crypto trading signals groups in the market
  • Signals Blue bases their tools and solutions on AI technology
  • They have a flexible team located in different time zones
  • Advanced crypto information is shared with investors
  • They have a dedicated support for clients


  • Their signals are quite expensive compared to other trading signals groups
  • You have to pay additional funds for using Cornix and API signals

Our Verdict About Signals Blue Crypto Review

In this Signals Blue Crypto Review, we have shared with you all the information you should have about this trading signals group. Thanks to its marketing campaigns, it was able to become one of the largest in the market. Nevertheless, we also see that there are other groups that are sharing more accurate information with users for a lower price. 

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