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September 28, 2021

TOP 10 Binance Trading Signal Channels on Telegram [UPDATED 2021]

Trading signals are becoming an increasingly useful solution for traders all over the world that want to have some returns on their investments. During 2016 and 2017, trading digital assets was certainly easy.

Trading signals are becoming an increasingly useful solution for traders all over the world that want to have some returns on their investments. During 2016 and 2017, trading digital assets was certainly easy. Users could invest a few hundreds of dollars in the market and they know that in just some days they could have already some profits. 

The bull market attracted several investors from all over the world that were ready to start handling digital assets. However, the bear market of 2018 affected many newcomers. Most of the virtual currencies fell and reached new lows in several years. 

Trading signals can be a great solution to trade digital assets even during bear markets. These crypto trading signals help traders get quality information about when to enter or exit a specific trade. There are several crypto trading signal channels on Telegram for the Binance exchange. In this article, we will share with you the top 10 Binance Trading Signals Channels on Telegram. 

Disclaimer: All the information provided by AltSignals and its writers shouldn’t be taken as financial advice. The article has been created for educational purposes. Never invest more than what you are able to lose and only ask for advice to your personal financial advisor.

1. AltSignals Binance (@AltSignals) 🔥🚀

This is the most known and popular cryptocurrency trading signal channel on Telegram for Binance. AltSignals is a cryptocurrency trading signals provider that offers great solutions for Binance traders that want to improve their profits in the market. 

They do not only provide crypto trading signals but they are also offering users the possibility to receive a lot of educational content for them to improve their trading strategies. Furthermore, if you are a trader that likes to trade in a wide range of platforms, AltSignals is also providing trading signals for FX traders and BitMex users. 

At the moment, this site has more than 130,000 users and has been recognized by Safe.Trading as one of the best crypto trading signals providers in the world. The company is operating since 2017 and has been profitable during the 2018 bear market. Nowadays, is offering some of the most accurate, advanced and unique trading signals in the world.

Furthermore, AltSignals provides monthly reports with their trades and the profits offered to users. This crypto trading signals group is one of the most profitable in the market as well. This is due to their focus on quality rather than quantity. 

AltSignals is also offering a wide range of other services and solutions, making this trading signals channel one of the most popular in the world. The team behind AltSignals believes that it is possible not only to share trading signals but also educational content. This is why they have created a unique platform where they share in-depth crypto market analysis for users to understand where they are trading in the crypto market.

Additionally, users that prefer to trade with TradingView have also the possibility to buy an indicator that will share buy and sell signals directly on TradingView. This solution is called AltAlgo Indicator and is one of the most efficient ways to trade in the cryptocurrency market right now. 🚀 This is one of the best options for traders that want to get a unique experience while trading virtual currencies.

2. Crypto Signals & Automated Trading

This is also a cryptocurrency trading signals provider that has been already operating in the market for a while. They are already providing between 2 to three signals per day and include several crypto exchanges such as Binance, Bittrex and also BitMex. 

This group is also providing information about the trades they perform rather than just sending the signals to traders. This is a great opportunity for newcomers to learn about how to better trade and improve their investment strategies. 

Crypto Signals & Automated Trading has already more than 33,000 crypto subscribers that are receiving trading signals on Telegram. 

3. Bob’s Crypto Trades

Bob’s Crypto Trades is also offering trading signals for Binance users and investors. This firm includes a 3-month subscription for just 0.03 BTC and a 1-year subscription for 0.075 BTC at the time of writing this article. Of course, they are also offering a free channel with limited content. 

In addition to it, located in the United States, provides support in both English and Spanish languages. It also allows users to implement bots and auto trading, which makes it even easier for users with no time to place their investments in the market with minimum or no effort at all. 

At the moment, this crypto platform has 5300 users following the trading signals they provide on a daily basis. 

4. InfoCrypto

Info.Crypto is also providing users with the possibility to trade cryptocurrencies on Binance and also Bittrex. This is a Brazilian provider that offers users information about trades and the crypto market in Portuguese and in English. In addition to it, they are offering trading signals on different time zones, which is good for investors that are located in other countries. 

InfoCrypto has also bot services, charting analysis, and information regarding the performance of a wide range of investment tools such as the RSI, the MACD or Ichimoku crosses. The firm is also offering reports related to the trades and signals provided to users. 

5. Verified Crypto Traders

This cryptocurrency trading signals provider is operating globally and offering over 300 clients the possibility to improve their trading strategies and profits. This firm is located in the Netherlands and is currently providing trading signals in English. 

It is worth mentioning that they are providing bots and auto trading. This is great for traders that do not have a lot of time to be in front of the charts or that want to have passive income through a crypto trading signals provider. 

At the same time, they are offering a yearly subscription that has a price of $999 and it would allow users to get exclusive features and solutions that are not provided to all the clients. 

6. Crypto Snake VIP Elite

Crypto Snake VIP Elite is another cryptocurrency trading signals provider that is now offering individuals with the possibility to improve their trading strategies and make some profits. Currently, they are offering solutions to Binance and BitMex users. 

The firm has a wide range of VIP offerings that go from $100 to $1,000 according to the period of time users want to receive the trading signals. In addition to it, they are also uploading reports regarding their trading strategies and the signals they have provided to users during different periods of times. 

This is a trend that AltSignals started and that many companies are already following. Being transparent and clear with the trades offered to users is going to make it much easier for investors to place their funds in these crypto trading signals providers. 

7. Onward BTC

This is a popular and crypto trading signals provider in the market. The firm is currently offering a monthly subscription for 0.0027 BTC or a lifetime subscription for 0.045 BTC. The company is located in Switzerland and it has been offering solutions and trading signals for users in English and German. 

The firm is also offering trading bots, auto trading, live trading and margin trading signals. This is due to the fact they are also working with BitMex, one of the most popular crypto exchanges for margin trading. However, they provide Binance and Bittrex signals as well. 

8. Crypto Classics 

Crypto Classic is a company with over 3,000 users that is currently providing trading signals two to three times a week. The firm provides data about cryptocurrencies and it has been working in financial markets for over 15 years. 

At the moment, they are currently offering trust management where the capital is invested in a pool of $100,000 and handled over the weeks and months. The funds are always moving and generating profits. 

Thus this is more than just a simple crypto trading signals provider. They have great services that complement great diversified trading and investing strategy for all kinds of users. 

9. Alpha Trade Zone

Alpha Trade Zone is another crypto trading signals provider that is working with the Binance platform. The firm is offering a Telegram channel, a Discord server and it has an official website where users can ask information about the strategies and services they are offering. 

The firm is operating since March 2018 and they have a support that would get to you within a day or two in case you need help. However, if you use Discord you may get better information and a faster answer considering they are currently leveraging the functionalities offered by this platform. 

10. Whaletank Premium

This Binance and BitMex cryptocurrency trading signals provider is currently allowing users to get educational content, trading signals and special calculators for investors to be able to handle their funds in an easy way. 

They are offering a global service for users and they have three different subscription plans: 0.05 BTC, 0.1 BTC and 0.2 BTC for 2-months, 6-months and 24-months, respectively. Furthermore, they have also developed their own ecosystem with other solutions offered more than just a traditional crypto trading signals provider in Telegram. 


There are several crypto trading signals groups and providers in the market that have been working over the past years in order to offer the best trading signals for Binance users. At the same time, as the market is in continuous expansion, they moved away from it and started offering a wide range of different services to meet the needs of most of their clients. 

Furthermore, the rates for getting subscripted to these trading channels is different according to the period of the subscription and the services users want to receive. However, AltSignals seems to be offering the best and most trustworthy Binance Telegram crypto trading signals. 

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