Top 10 BitMex Trading Signal Channels on Telegram [UPDATED 2020]

Cryptocurrency traders have been searching for different ways to improve their trading strategies and increase their profits. While bull markets tend to be certainly useful and easy for traders to increase their earnings, it is not so easy during bear markets. Indeed, the 2018 bear trend in digital assets has harmed several users in the market.

However, one of the most useful ways to improve trading strategies and increase profits is to use crypto trading signals. These trading signals can be provided by crypto companies that focus on providing quality data on when to enter or leave specific markets.

There are several crypto trading signal channels on Telegram for the BitMex cryptocurrency exchange. In this article, we will share with you the top 10 BitMex Trading Signals Channels on Telegram. This would help you understand which are the best crypto trading signals providers in the market and how they can help you improve your trading strategies.

BitMex is the largest margin trading exchange for the crypto market. Despite that, Binance is also starting to increase its margin volume.

Disclaimer: All the information provided by AltSignals and its writers shouldn’t be taken as financial advice. The article has been created for educational purposes. Never invest more than what you are able to lose and only ask for advice to your personal financial advisor.

            1. AltSignals BitMex (@AltSignals)

AltSignals is the most used and popular crypto trading signal channel on Telegram for the BitMex exchange. The company is offering solutions for BitMex traders that want to have better trading strategies and that aim at increasing their profits overtime. AltSignals is also offering signals for other exchanges such as Binance.

The interesting thing about this crypto trading signals provider is the fact that they are not only offering crypto trading signals, but they are also offering users the possibility to follow FX signals. This is a great solution for traditional traders in the FX market that want to get more pips when they trade.

It is worth mentioning that AltSignals has more than 80,000 users and it has also been recognized by Safe.Trading as one of the best crypto trading signals providers in the world. Furthermore, operating since 2017, it has offered signals even in periods of bear markets such as 2018, when the firm remained profitable while many other providers were closing their operations.

Finally, transparency and quality are two of the most important things for AltSignals analysts. This is why they provide in-depth analysis about the entire market, they explain to users and followers why they take specific decisions and they also release monthly reports with the information about the trades they have made during that month.

●     Exchanges supported: BitMex, Binance, FX, Bybit

●     Languages supported: English,Spanish, Russian

●     Reports: Yes

●     Trading Period: Short, Mid, Long

●  Unique Trading Indicator for TradingView

              2. Margin Whales

Margin Whales is a signals provider for Telegram that has been operating for several months now. The company is focused on offering high quality and highly accurate content to users that want to trade in the cryptocurrency market and through a wide range of exchanges.

Margin Whales is working with leverage trading signals for exchanges such as BitMEX, where users can easily increase their exposure to the crypto market using leverage. The firm will be offering some of the best BitMEX signals for users that want to trade in the crypto market. Of course, Margin Whales is open to receive customers that have experience trading and those that do not have a lot of experience as well.

They will also be sharing with you which are the moments to open a trade, close a position, increase the leverage / reduce it and when to take profit.

●  BitMex Exchange Supported

●  Leverage Trading

●  Languages Supported: English

●  Regular Signals

              3. Whaletank Premium

This cryptocurrency trading signal provider on Telegram is now working with Binance and BitMex, two of the largest and most popular exchanges for margin traders.They are currently providing trading signals for these two exchanges and also educational content to help users take better decisions while trading digital assets.

For example, if the market suddenly plummets, Whaletank Premium analysts will be providing a clear explanation regarding to why this happened and which are the general implications of this drop. The firm is located in the United States and offers signals in the English language.

It is worth mentioning that they have also created their own risk management calculator that will help traders and users improve their performances and trading strategies over time. Nonetheless, this firm doesn’t offer bots, auto trading, margin trading, or trust management services.

●     Exchanges supported: BitMex, Binance

●     Languages supported: English

●     Reports: Yes

●     Trading Period: Short, Mid, Long

             4. Crypto Classics

Crypto Classics is also a known crypto trading signals provider that is offering short, mid and long term signals for traders. At the time of writing, they have more than 3000 users that are enjoying the services provided by Crypto Classics.

This services provider is located in the United States and it is offering support in the English language. They also allow users to be involved in margin trading and offer trust management services as well. However, they do not have bots, auto trading or live trading, which could be certainly used by many users.

This firm has a team with 15 years of experience in the industry working in the New York Stock exchange and other worldwide platforms. This is going to help the firm provide users with better services and solutions. Other platforms have less-experienced teams and this could be seen in the quality of the services provided.

● Exchanges supported: Binance

● Languages supported: English

● Reports: Yes

● Trading Period: Short, Mid, Long

              5. Onward BTC

Onward BTC is a recognized company that is allowing users to trade digital currencies with their signals. This crypto signals telegram channel includes bots, auto-trading and live trading, among other things.

Located in Switzerland, this firm is already providing users with the possibility to follow trading signals in German or English. At the moment they have 163 users and they focus on short, mid and long term trading signals.

They are also offering signals for Binance and Bittrex, two recognized cryptocurrency exchanges in the market.

● Exchanges supported: Binance, Bittrex and BitMex

● Languages supported: German, English

● Reports: Yes

● Trading Period: Short, Mid and Long

             6. Secret Signal Service

This is a cryptocurrency trading signals provider that focuses on allowing users to trade virtual currencies on both BitMex and ByBit. The Secret Signals Service is going to be providing information about short-term trades and using margin trading exchanges.

Margin trading is a great tool to increase profits by using leverage that can range from 2x to over 100x for some markets and digital assets. They are now offering services in English despite being located in Singapore.

● Exchanges supported: BitMex, Bybit

● Languages supported: English

● Reports: Yes

● Trading Period: Short

             7. Verified Crypto Traders

This trading signals provider is located in the Netherlands that is working with cryptocurrency trading signals for both BitMex and Binance, two of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. The currently supported languages include English but new ones could be added in the future.

They have a clientele from different countries and more than 300 users following the signals they provide on a regular basis for digital assets. Verified Crypto Traders has a yearly subscription of $999 and it also provides monthly reports about its performance.

● Exchanges supported: BitMex, Binance

● Languages supported: English

● Reports: Yes

● Trading Period: Short, Mid, Long

             8. Crypto Snake VIP Elite

The Crypto Snake VIP Elite cryptocurrency trading signals channel on Telegram is providing solutions for users trading on Binance and BitMex. Users can simply follow the signals they offer or they can confirm the trades they had opened.

The team behind this crypto signals group is located in the United States and they offer services in the English language. In addition to it, they support bots, auto trading, live trading, margin trading and more.

They have four different VIP subscription offers. The monthly subscription starts at $100, followed by a 3-month subscription for $290, a semestral subscription for $550 and a yearly subscription for $1,000.

● Exchanges supported: BitMex, Binance

● Languages supported: English

● Reports: Yes

● Trading Period: Short, Mid, Long

             9. Mike’s Premium Signals

Mike’s Premium Signals provides users with technical descriptions on trades, information about specific market movements and educational content. The crypto trading channel works in the European continent and provides information about trades during the European time.

The company is also providing ICO reviews if they consider that there is a good Initial Coin Offering with investment potential. At the same time, they focus on long-term trades, compared to previously mentioned crypto trading signals providers that work with short and mid-term trades and signals.

Furthermore, Mike is also offering private portfolio analysis for advanced and exigent traders.

● Exchanges supported: Binance, Bittrex

● Languages supported: English and Spanish

● Reports: Yes

● Trading Period: Only Long-term trades

             10. Universal Crypto Signals

Universal Crypto Signals has almost 10k users and they are providing crypto trading signals for short, mid and long-term traders in the market. Their services include bots, auto trading, live trading and margin trading as well. Nonetheless, they are not currently focusing on trust management.

The crypto trading signal is providing information in English and it has a wide range of trading offers, including automated margin and altcoin trading.

● Exchanges supported: Binance, Bittrex, BitMex and others

● Languages supported: English

● Reports: Yes

● Trading Period: Short, Mid and Long Term trades

           11. WhaleAgents

WhaleAgents is the last crypto trading signals provider in our review. This Telegram group is offering solutions to cryptocurrency traders that want to improve their trading strategies in the market.

Currently, they have two different subscription options: a monthly subscription for 0.05 BTC and a lifetime subscription for 0.09 BTC. Users will also enjoy live trading sessions and margin trading signals.

● Exchanges supported: Binance, Bittrex, BitMex and bybit

● Languages supported: English

● Reports: Yes

● Trading Period: Short, Mid and Long Term trades

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