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May 13, 2020

Top 5 Binance Trading Signal Channels on Telegram

Using trading signals is a popular method for making a return trading crypto. Read AltSignals' blog post on the top 5 Binance trading signal channels.

Top 5 Binance Trading Signal Channels on Telegram

The use of trading signals is becoming an increasingly popular method for making a return trading cryptocurrency. During the bull-run of 2017, trading crypto was relatively straightforward – invest in any crypto and it was more likely than not to increase in value, thus making you return. However, with the price of Bitcoin and other currencies stagnating, it’s become harder to judge what the correct trade might be. However, trading signals may be a lucrative solution. This article will take a look at the top 5 Binance trading signals group on Telegram.For those who do not know what trading signals are, here’s a quick introduction.

What are Trading Signals?

Trading signals are calls sent directly to you indicating which cryptocurrency to buy. A typical signal would contain the following information:

  • The cryptocurrency to buy
  • The price to buy at
  • The targets to sell at
  • Price targets you should place your stop losses

These trade signals contain all the key pieces of information that you need when wanting to place trades for yourself. If you follow the correct signal, you can often end up making a nice profit.

One important thing to note is that trading signals are often specific to a cryptocurrency exchange. For example, Binance signals are trading signals that can only be followed if you want to place a trade on the Binance cryptocurrency exchange. However, there exists other trading signals that are specific to other crypto exchanges such as: BitMex and Coinbase. Now that you understand what trading signals are and how profitable they can be, we can now get onto the top 5 Binance signals channels on telegram.

1. AltSignals Binance (@AltSignals)

Review of Rod’s Altsignals

Channel link –

Altsignals started it’s work in crypto signals industry from Christmas 2017. It is one of the oldest crypto signals channel on Telegram.

Can it be one of the Best Crypto signals on Telegram? Let’s review it..

Altsignals is one of the most experienced crypto signal providers in telegram.  They have very accurate Crypto Trading signals.

Altsignals started with providing signals on Bittrex and slowly expanded their services over Binance , Bitmex and Bybit ..
Along with Crypto , they are expertise in Forex trading as well.. also they sell Tradingview indicators for Smart trading..

Binance Trading signals review of altsignals –
Perfect trade setup with entry , targets and stop loss makes altsignals one of the best in Crypto Trading signals. They have verified track record of accuracy over 80%+ and providing signals consistently in any kind of market.

AltSignals is also working with Binance Futures. This is one of the best solutions to get access to leverage in the cryptocurrency market. Users can easily short or long different digital assets by trading perpetual contracts on the Binance exchange. The analysts behind AltSignals use scalp leverage with care and create some of the most accurate signals for traders in the market.

One thing to note and alert here is you must take care of risk management because of cross leverage trades and do not use more funds per trades. Accuracy is overall 80%+

Customer support-
They provide 24/7 support in telegram and let members know the solution of their questions. So overall good support by Rod and his team.

Price –

Pros –
– one of the oldest crypto Trading channel
– Verified track record
– Good customer support
– Very accurate
– Very active channel
– signals with good stop loss
– Autotrader using Cornix
– Best accuracy in Forex trading.
– Good in scalping

Cons –
– Because of cross leverage it can be dangerous without risk management.
– less number of swing trades for Bitmex traders.

Conclusion – One of the trusted channels to go in for good accuracy and support..

Accuracy – 8.5/10
Risk/Reward – 8.5/10
Support – 10/10
Price performance ratio 9.5/10
Education 9/10

Overall Rating – 9.1

Results –

How to join Premium-

Channel link –

Admin –

2. Binance Killers

Binance Killers has been known for years in the market as one of the best options for alt-coin signals (with and without leverage). They provide on average 1-2 signals per day and an overall accuracy of 97%. They’ve made a couple of millionaires from their VIP members and not out of pure luck. They not only offer trading signals like most other channels, they teach their members how the market works and how to manage their risk when trading from 0.

Trading alt-coins has become increasingly popular since the launch of the Ethereum Network and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. People think trading alt-coins is much easier than margin trading or Futures trading, however there are only a few traders that make it in this market.

From the contact we’ve had with them and their VIP members, we discovered most of them made their VIP fees back in a couple of trades and are more than happy with their service. VIP members also receive exclusive news and market insights, even before they are known by the general public.

Their free channel also offers a couple of signals and most market analysis, making it extremely easy for new members to learn about the market. It also offers advanced trading features for professional traders, and have partnered with several international financial firms which have got them to where they are today. Their support team is extremely friendly and will be more than happy to answer any question as they’re available 24/7.

We highly recommend following Binance Killers if you are starting out in this market or if you are an experienced trader looking to learn more and level-up your crypto trading game.

– High accuracy (Over 97%)
– Team of only the highest performing traders
– Constant trading signals (1-2 per day)
– Short, Mid and Long term holds
– Day trading scalps
– Complete Technical Analysis with every trade
– Support team always available and ready to answer any question
– Daily market analysis (for both free and VIP members)

– Currently they don’t offer support for trading bots or software, so their traders must enter each trade manually.

They are a team alt-coin signal experts, ready to make your portfolio grow if you are ready to learn from them and properly manage your risk.

Accuracy – 9.5/10
Risk/Reward – 9.1/10
Support – 10/10
Price performance ratio – 9.2/10
Education – 9/10

Overall Rating – 9.3/10


VIP Registrations:
Contact: @BKCEO

3. Bitcoin Bullets

Bitcoin Bullets has become one of the top trading signal channels and for a good reason… Their team’s dedication and support, combined with one of the highest accuracy ratings in the market (Verified) have set them apart as one of the most active and profitable providers around, with clear and easy to understand updates and trading signals.

Their focus is currently leveraged and spot trading on Binance and Bybit, where most of their signals are executed. Currently providing less signals per day then their counterparts (1-2 per day) but more than making it up with their accuracy rating which is currently over 95%. Their daily analysis and market update alone easily beats the entire structure of most other trading channels on telegram.

We’ve had a talk with The Sicilian, the most representative figure of the Bitcoin Bullets team, and we can say with complete confidence that this Italian trader is the most professional admin we’ve ever had a talk with. He is the one that keeps the wheels of this superb channel rolling and the one who made Bitcoin Bullets the beast it is today.

Bitcoin Bullets also stands out from the crowd due to the fact that they offer services for all levels of expertise, from complete “noob” to “hedge fund manager” through a ladder approach unique in the space that creates a seamless transition from any level of expertise all the way to the top in a record time (as everything else they do).

– High accuracy (Over 95%)
– Short, Mid and Long term trades
– Team of highly professional traders, analysts and investors
– Daily market analysis (for both free and VIP members)
– Daily scalping levels (VIP)
– News available before general outlets
– Highly responsive customer support

– Currently they don’t offer support for trading bots or software, so their traders must enter each trade manually.

Bitcoin Bullets is probably the best option out there for traders looking to level up their game through the knowledge and expertise of on e of the best teams in this space.

Accuracy – 9.4/10
Risk/Reward – 9/10
Support – 9.3/10
Price performance ratio – 9.8/10
Education – 9.6/10

Overall Rating – 9.4/10


VIP Registrations: Available in Free Channel
Contact: @Joe1322

4. Wall Street Queen Offical

Ran by one of the most recognized and experienced female market insiders, Wall Street Queen has become a top performing channel in less time than any other channel on this list, which is an extremely hard feat to accomplish. Their support is one of the fastest and most insightful in the market, making them ideal for both new and experienced traders and investors in crypto.

Having what we can consider to be once of the highest verified accuracy ratings for their trades, Wall Street Queen will for sure surpass the expectations of any new member. As you know, we stand behind our words and this is no exception, meaning we’ve talked to Wall Street Queen’s team and we’ve confirmed they’re legit and ready to teach you everything there’s to know about the market while making a killing out of it.

– Pre-pump signals (buy before anyone else)
– All VIP entries before anyone else
– VIP exclusive promotions and offers
– High potential gems (at least 1 per month)
– Permanent Trade Monitoring
– Risk Management and Strategy Guides
– Insider Information
– Exclusive Content
– 24/7 support with our team

– Currently they don’t offer support for trading bots or software, so their traders must enter each trade manually.

One of the few trading channels that has really caught our eye in such a short period of time. Their over-the-top signal quality and customer service make them one of the best VIP communities to join as an amateur or experienced trader.

Accuracy – 9.2/10
Risk/Reward – 9.4/10
Support – 9.5/10
Price performance ratio – 9.1/10
Education – 9.2/10

Overall Rating – 9.35/10
VIP Registrations:

5. Crypto Inner Circle

Crypto Inner Circle has climbed up the ranking ladder much faster than we expected due to their high quality content and responsiveness. With an accuracy level of over 90% (currently sitting on a verified historical accuracy of 92%), and some of the best traders in their team, they will surely make the best out of you crypto trading.

We can’t guarantee results with any crypto signal provider, but these guys have proven over and over again to be one of the highest performers in terms of trade performance and actual profits.

What really stands out from Crypto Inner Circle that pretty much no other trading channel has, is that they specialize on all levels of trading experience, meaning that no matter if you’re just getting started with crypto trading or you’re a highly experienced pro, they’re make sure to guide you through all the steps required to make it in this market

– High accuracy (Over 93%)
– Team of highly experienced traders
– Constant trading signals (1-2 per day)
– Short, Mid and Long term trades
– Day trading scalps
– Fast Customer Support
– Learning Material
– Very Active Channel
– One of the highest profit potentials in the market.

– Charts not as clear as we could expect for some trades
– Lower trade frequency

They’re a highly trained and experienced team of traders and market insiders ready to make your trading journey as profitable as it can get.

Accuracy – 9.2/10
Risk/Reward – 8.9/10
Support – 9.4/10
Price performance ratio – 9/10
Education – 9.1/10

Overall Rating – 9.1/10
VIP Registrations:


To conclude, trading signals can be a lucrative method of generating greater returns in the cryptocurrency space given how difficult the trading climate has been. Signal providers tend to release signals relating to a specific cryptocurrency exchange such as: Binance, BitMex, Coinbase PRO and Bittrex. This list has taken a look at the top Binance Signals Providers on telegram. You can find out more on these providers by joining their telegram channel.

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