August 17, 2020

Top 5 Gold Signals Groups Available on Telegram

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As gold continues to grow and expand, many investors are trying to place their bets in this valuable metal. This is why gold signals groups are starting to offer great ways for users to start placing their trades in the market and earn with the fluctuations of the most demanded precious metal in the world. 

Although there are several gold signals groups available on Telegram, we will focus on the most popular and recognized in the market. We will share with you a list of the most requested and accurate gold signals groups for you to start making profits on your trades. 

Top 5 Gold Signals Groups on Telegram

This is our list of the top 5 gold signals groups on Telegram. strives to provide you with the best and most relevant gold signals on Telegram, allowing you to make a profit with minimal risk. They make it their job to continuously work hard to maintain their position as one of the best gold signal providers on telegram.

As specialists in the gold industry, it is GoldSignals duty to keep you informed of any information regarding the gold investing market. As a company, they are aware of the importance of staying up to date on the market. They have built a reputation for their super high accuracy calls. Furthermore, their predictions are always clear and precise, and the times of the signals are never late, allowing you to enter without rushing or missing an opportunity.

If you have been thinking about trading in the gold industry but you’re not sure where to start. Going with a specialist like GoldSignals on telegram can be an excellent place to begin if you want help navigating the market.

There are many advantages of using telegram service for your gold signals needs. What you need to know about GoldSignals that they’re friendly and helpful. The admins are always ready to answer any questions that you have about the market or your trades. One to one support is crucial for success.

GoldSignals also makes sure that they keep their channels updated regularly with market analysis, news feeds, technical analysis, general information about gold and other markets like forex and crypto. Their study of many years in financial markets has enabled them to create a strategy for the trading of precious metals that is unique. They also run a free and open to everyone telegram channel. This free group is full of market insights, news, technical analysis and most importantly, Free Signals.

The link to their FREE telegram channel is – HERE

@GoldSignalsDaily 🏆

@GoldSignalsDaily is one of our favourite gold channels that we’ve found on Telegram. Dedicated to Gold Signals only, this channel provides daily signals at a very good cost. We managed to get a reply from their support team within 1-hour and they were very helpful. We couldn’t find any red flags with this recently setup signal provider.

Below is just a short list of what GoldSignalsDaily offer to their audience…

🏆 Gold Signals
🏆 Weekly 900+ Pips
🏆 Daily News
🏆 Fundamental + Technical Signals
🏆 Premium VIP Signals
🏆 Tips

They have a free channel and a premium channel for those wanting to get the exclusive VIP gold trades in real-time. We paid for a month VIP and were very happy with the results they produced.

Want to speak to their support or check out their pricing👇

Join there free channel here 👉 @GoldSignalsDaily


AltSignals is one of the best and most popular gold signals groups on Telegram. This company has been operating for several years and they are offering a wide range of signals for different markets. 

This firm became a synonym of accuracy and transparency by offering users with monthly reports about the trades performed and how they provided users with valuable trading information and data. 

AltSignals is also working with traditional FX markets, cryptocurrencies and also gold. This is why you will have the best services with just one signals provider. The firm is also offering users with the possibility to learn about the market rather than just sending signals. This is going to be making the trading experience much more educational and clear for followers. 

Furthermore, if you are a professional or amateur trader, you can also have the in-house built trading indicator for TradingView. This will provide you with buy and sell signals directly on your charts and without waiting for the messages to be sent. You will be able to set up your gold strategies directly through TradingView and in just a few seconds. 

ApexBull Signals

ApexBull (@ApexBullSignalsBot) is currently attracting a large number of investors as it has been offering some of the best gold signals over the last years. Compared to other gold signals groups available on Telegram, ApexBull is led by a Wall Street veteran that has 20 years of experience in the market. He has been trading a wide range of instruments such as forex, cryptocurrencies, stocks, metals and others.

Compared to other gold signals groups, ApexBull has a wide knowledge on different financial topics, which could be applied to the gold market. That means that they are not only able to have a traditional investment strategy for gold, but more advanced and unique strategies. Furthermore, ApexBull is not only sharing signals with the community, but they are also offering some of the most advanced forex trading courses on the internet.

In just some lessons, you would not only be able to engage with a trader with over 2 decades trading, but you would also get access to webinars, projects, information about the market, reports and more.

If you want to know more about ApexBull Signals you should check them out @ApexBullSignalsBot.

You can also check their official signals channel:


FXLondon is a UK based leading Gold, Forex and US30 signal provider.

Giving quick, accurate, informative daily signals. Their VIP channels produce very impressive results, often securing upwards of 10,000+ pips every month.

We also like the affordability, simplicity, activeness and customer support inside their signal channels and community.

Join their free channel to see more

Nowadays many Forex/Gold/US30 signal providers are inconsistent, inaccurate and unprofitable.

But FXLondon’s team has a combined trading experience of 15 years making them one of the most experienced and trustworthy communities around. They have been killing it for multiple years now and therefore we highly recommend them as a long term solution.

Access FXLondon’s Gold, Forex, US30 VIP Signal Memberships Here

But, they offer even more… Want To Learn Their Winning Strategy? Want To Become The Most Profitable Trader You Can Be?

Condensed into 20 videos, just 6 hours long. Archie the owner teaches FXLondon’s entire strategy from start to finish. It’s descriptive, engaging and informs you on exactly how to execute a successful trade.

Sharpen your skills and learn from one of the best in the industry.

He’s passionate about helping and supporting his community. And will ensure a call/facetime/zoom or text to guarantee your success.

So if you want to learn one of the best strategies in the business, or would like to follow his daily Gold, Forex or US30 signals, join in now.

Instantly access their winning signals + winning course here

Overall FxLondon Provides
•  Daily short, medium, and long term trades
•  Great Customer Support
•  87% VIP Signals accuracy
•  Successful Mentorship

Gold Trading Signals

Gold trading signals is a Telegram channel that has been providing gold signals for users over the last few years. The group is led by a professional trader and there is only a 100-people limit.

This group provides users with high accuracy on the trades they share and they are also ready to provide market research and analysis. The group is not only sharing gold signals but they are also providing silver and forex trading signals. Furthermore, if the market allows for it, they will be sharing with the community crypto trading signals as well. 

Finally, you can also expect to receive regular news and commentary about the markets.


This group could be a great choice to start trading gold and receiving valuable information about the gold market. They are offering gold trading signals and also forex trading information for users that have a diversified portfolio and trade with it in the market. 

Users can also receive valuable educational content that will help traders understand why the market is trading in one way or another. Although this can be a great group, they are also sharing promotional content that is used to support their operations and keep running regular gold signals. 

You can also take the decision to join the private and Premium group of this gold signals provider in the market and get the most valuable information about gold and how to trade it.

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