Top 5 OKEx Exchange Crypto Trading Signals Groups for Telegram

There are several exchanges available in the world to trade cryptocurrencies. One of the most popular is OKEx, with several years operating in the market and offering services to users from a wide range of countries. 

There are several exchanges available in the world to trade cryptocurrencies. One of the most popular is OKEx, with several years operating in the market and offering services to users from a wide range of countries. 

Many traders use OKEx as their main platform to trade and exchange digital assets. This is why it is certainly important for them to know which are the top 5 OKEx exchange crypto trading signals groups for Telegram available right now. 

In this guide, we will be sharing with you information about which are the groups on Telegram that offer users the possibility to trade with market signals provided by expert analysts and tools. Not all of these groups are offering the same services, this is why we will make a list of the most recognized and used OKEx crypto trading signals groups for Telegram. 


AltSignals is definitely the most popular, recognized and respected cryptocurrency trading signals group in the world. With thousands of clients from all over the world, the company has been growing since 2017 offering users with the possibility to improve their trading strategies in the crypto market. 

AltSignals offers users with unique trading signals that can be implemented with the Cornix trading bot or manually. It is worth mentioning that AltSignals has remained profitable even during bear markets. Now that a new bull market is starting, this firm is expected to be providing more than winning results for the crypto market. 

This crypto trading signals group for OKEx is operating in Telegram and it is also offering signals for other exchanges and assets such as currencies (FX market). At the same time, the platform works with crypto derivatives such as futures and with advanced orders such as stop-loss and take-profit. 

Finally, AltSignals has developed its own trading indicator that would be useful for individuals that want to have better information about when to enter or exit the market. The indicator can be used in TradingView and it will be very easy to set up (a few seconds). 


This is one of the groups that is also providing crypto trading signals to traders using the OKEx exchange. This signals group offers accurate signals for this platform and also for other exchanges. 

It is worth pointing out that they may not have several trading signals on a daily basis but they will keep you updated with regular crypto trading signals. This group is also operating with Bittrex and their strategies can also be implemented in other trading platforms. 

The prices paid for the services are similar to other crypto trading signals providers, which we consider is certainly fair. 

Universal Crypto Signals

Universal crypto signals is a popular crypto trading signals group that is providing signals since the bear market of 2018. Thus, it has already some years operating in the market. The group was able to show good results during the bear market that digital assets experienced between 2018 and the beginning of 2019. 

This group is not only providing crypto trading signals for the OKEx exchange but they are also working with Binance, one of the largest exchanges in the market. The group is very accurate compared to other sites currently offering similar services, which should be taken into consideration at the time of selecting a crypto trading signals group. 

Crypto Pillars

Crypto Pillars is also going to be a good option for you to start following crypto trading signals for the OKEx exchange. Users can be sure that the administrator of this group, Emma, is going to be offering great services to users that subscribe to the signals. 

Despite being founded during the first quarter of 2019, this became one of the most user-friendly and accessible crypto trading signals groups in the market. In addition to it, Emma is currently offering users with the possibility to learn about the trades they are handling rather than just following signals without knowing why the market is moving into one or another direction. 

Alex Crypto

Alex Crypto is going to be a good solution for traders that are starting in the crypto space and want to have easy-to-follow crypto trading signals available. They are currently offering a free and a VIP channel where users can enjoy signals to enter and leave the market according to how digital assets behave. 

This trading signals group is working with its own analysis but they are also providing information that they gather from other sites and groups. Thus, this can also be a good choice to start trading in the Okex crypto exchange with daily and regular trading signals for a wide range of virtual currencies. 

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